Saturday, October 29, 2016

CLE 1, CHC 0

An old-school pitchers'-duel nailbiter ends in a victory for Cleveland and, fortunately for all of us, no off day in which the baseball commentariat might work itself into a tiz about the pressure facing the Cubs.

Not that FOX has any compunction about doing so for us while detailing Tom Verducci to make pretentious pronunciamenti from the infield involving Chicago poets. Shut up, FOX. I'm-a shove the lot of you into that pool McConaughey keeps backflopping into and hold you under. ...Well, I guess A-Rod's okay, and Burkhardt.

Someone's trying to drown the offensive points, that's for sure:

Baez -1
Bryant -1
Rizzo 0
Russell -1
Zobrist -1

Hendricks 8.33

Napoli -2
Santana 0


Here comes Arbour. Standings after the jump.

Simone 157
Williams 149
Arbour 145

Yuhan 2 130.01

Bingham 2 127
MacEachern 125.34
Shee/Bell 124.34
Stempel 121.67

Reid Love, Johnson 1, Yuhan 1, Drake 110s

Cameron 1, Shotwell, Bauer 1 90s

Ekard 70s

Bauer 2 60s

Bunting 2 plans, God laughs


The rest of the pool hopes short rest proves Kluber's undoing as he heads to the mound vs. John Lackey tonight at 8 ET. Anyone else going to be that jackass who spends half the party sitting on the coats and watching the game on the host's bedroom TV? Just me? Cool.

(Also cool: the Mets' Curtis Granderson winning the Roberto Clemente Award. Love that guy.)

See you back here tomorrow! Questions/agonies/math updates, comment or email.

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Jill S. said...

Simone FTW! Hopefully Kluber kills it tonight!