Saturday, November 4, 2017


Good (very early) morning! First, a minor correction: arithmetic errors -- the state bird of the BPP -- put our actual final totals at

Yuhan 183
Currie 175
Bauer 150

Cooley 145
Shotwell 2 142

It doesn't affect the money, but just so you know that I do actually check this stuff. Uh, eventually. Heh.

Congratulations again to our winners; money will go out today. (Bauer, my first instinct would be to donate to a Houston school here, but it's your money, so let me know what you'd like to do. Maybe buy some oaktag and a Sharpie for your "WE'RE NUMBER ONE; THE WILPONS ARE NUMBER TWO" sign for 2018?)


A few wrap-up notes on the MVP -- Most Valuable Pick -- et al. before we fold this one in tissue paper. Among position players, Springer was the MVP of the World Series in the pool as well as on the field, but Altuve was the most consistent and pulled down the most points overall. "It's like if Patek could hit," my dad said dreamily on the phone yesterday, possibly while writing Mr. Dave Altuve on his Trapper Keeper. ("I love your mother but if she can't adjust to a major-league slider...") Cap tips to Jay Bruce and Aaron Judge, who would have been difference-makers had their teams gone further.

MVPitchers and more, after the jump.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

HOU 5, LAD 1; Astros win first franchise World Championship

I'm sad for Kershaw; I'm really sad for Yu Darvish; I'm sending mazels to the future Mrs. Correa, and thoughts and prayers for the stress injury she's going to get from that boulder on her left hand; and I'm basically content with this outcome. I went into the postseason wanting the Dodgers to win this, but these Astros won me over, and congrats to them and their fans.

Now if one of said fans could send me a cold compress, because literally everyone got in the game last night and the pointage is going to get crazy, that would be great.

Tough day at the office for the Dodgers, who looked worn out and heavy at the plate, but a surprising number of points racked up on the L.A. side, to wit:

Correa 1
Springer 6

Morton 3

Seager 1
Turner 1

Darvish -1, sigh
Kershaw 2
Wood 3

And now, the final(-ish) standings!

182 Yuhan
175 Currie
157 Bauer

148 Shotwell 2
141 Cooley

130 Shotwell 1

125 Williams
120 Powell

113 Stempel
112 Ansell
106 MArbour
105 Drake 2
104 Winklepleck 
102 Reid
100 Bingham 2

99 Drake 1
94 Brady
93 Tormey

89 Bingham 1

60 [opening bars of Ennio Morricone]


Scrambling with work stuff over here today, but I will cross-check the stats tomorrow, post a few thoughts on MVPs, LVPs, and Shane Victorinos -- and of course send out the winners' filthy lucre, which with 33 slates comes to $231 for first place, $66 for second, and $33 for third.

Until I get to the wrap-up, feel free to spend the time checking my arithmetic; gloating/fuming in the comments; and pouring one out for the end of another baseball season. Congrats to our winners and thanks to everyone for making another postseason agonizingly fun!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

LAD 3, HOU 1

I should have known, after "Verlander is the missing piece for the Astros"/reverse curse of the SI cover blathering on the MLB Network pregame, that the trophy wasn't going anywhere for another night. One last game for the 2017 season.

Game 6 wasn't the nailbiting pointfest you might have come to expect in this series -- and from Game 6es past -- but if Verlander couldn't literally pile his teammates in a Radio Flyer and drag them to victory, he did all right by y'all:

Bregman 1
Springer 5

Verlander 9

Puig 1

Hill 4

Not sure when Justin Turner morphed into the Murph of 2017, but if we knew this kind of thing were going to happen, the BPP would be no fun.  ("THIS ISN'T FUN ANYWAYS" - Powell.)


Guys guys guys. I BROKE THE 60-POINT BARRIER!!1 Okay well good luck tonight everyone.

...hee. Your final standings going into tonight's showdown:

180 Yuhan
166 Currie
155 Bauer 

147 Shotwell 2

138 Cooley

128 Shotwell 1
122 Williams

Everyone else after the jump.

Monday, October 30, 2017

HOU 13, LAD 12 (10)

Things were already within the city limits of Bonkaloo by the time I fell asleep...I think it was 8-7 Los Angeles at that point? And I kind of hate myself for not propping my eyelids open with toothpicks, because what we're seeing, I would say, is the most...meritorious match-up, I guess, that I can remember. The teams aren't similar in the how, but they're so close in terms of what they can execute, every game is really fun, just a clinic on how to make shit happen.

Now we're in elimination-game territory, and I'm torn: these Astros are great, the team's never won the whole enchilada, and Houston could use the boost. But the Dodgers are great too, and my Brooklyn-dwelling ass can't root against them, plus they went into the postseason with several former Mets on the roster (now I think it's just Turner; the hapless McHugh was also a Metropolitan product, I believe). And you kind of want this for Kershaw, if only to drive a stake through the heart of the postseason-choke narrative at last. (Kershaw pickers might want to drive a stake through something else entirely since he lost them a point.)

"Speaking of that: Buntsy, quit trying to avoid arithmetic and give us the stats." But wait, I had a whole thing on Sideshow Gurriel's hair okay fine here we go.

Bellinger 7
Puig 4
Seager 2
Turner 2

Kershaw -1

Altuve 7
Bregman 2
Correa 7
Springer 5

Keuchel 2

Thanks to Correa, Bauer climbs back into second place:

171 Yuhan
155 Bauer
151 Currie

Rest of the standings after the jump! 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

LAD 6, HOU 2

Every now and then in a postseason, a team that dominated in the regular season proves itself unable to deal with a worthy opponent. Truly challenged, they fold. I didn't anticipate that from the Dodgers and I don't think they can't adjust, but in the middle innings of last night's game, I was starting to think maybe that's what we were looking at here -- that if the Astros struck first, the Dodgers would be done for.

It's not the logical prediction, of course; the logical prediction is that the Houston 'pen is vulnerable to pressure, and the Dodgers duly applied it. But it didn't look like that would happen, and that's why the play the least two more of them, which is a happy thing, at least for me.

Less so for our lone Wood picker, who wasn't able to capitalize as much as you might assume.

Bellinger 4
Seager 1

Wood 1

Bregman 4
Springer 4

Morton 7


Money looks different this morning:

151 Yuhan
137 Currie
135 Bauer 

124 Shotwell 2
121 Cooley

115 Shotwell 1
114 Williams

104 Powell

high 90s Stempel and MArbour
mid to low 90s Reid, Winklepleck, and Ansell

high 80s Tormey and Drake 2
mid 80s Brady, Bingham, and Drake 1

vegetative state: Bunting


Last game of the three-top tonight at 8 ET; Kershaw v. Keuchel looks to shake things up at the top again, if only a bit. I'll have complete standings after that game. Good luck, everyone!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

HOU 5, LAD 3

I missed the second half of this one, but once McCullers got out of that walkfest jam, the rest felt kind of predictable. Not as predictable as the Blue Bloods I was obliged to watch instead (hashtag mom shows), but predictable. Related: is Will Estes planning to age at some point? That show came on in the 1880s, no?

...Anyway: points. Darvish has been something of a decider here at the top of the standings, and his flameout in the second was...also that? And we may not see him again, so Baseball Today's note that getting into the third and fourth starters could key the offenses decisively is taken.

Puig 1
Turner 2

Darveeeeesh -1

Altuve 2
Correa 1
Springer 2


No change to the money, and Darvish pickers hoping to move up had to rely on bits-and-bobs point gains from their hitters instead.

147 Yuhan
131 Bauer
124 Shotwell 2

122 Currie
121 Cooley
114 Williams
110 Shotwell 1

high 90s Powell, Stempel
low 90s Winklepleck, MArbour, Reid

high 80s Tormey, Ansell
low 80s everyone else except

40s Bunting


Decisive-move time for Currie and Powell as tonight's match-up on the hill is Wood v. Morton. Dodger bats better do their thing; good luck, everyone!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

HOU 7, LAD 6 (11)

That was a fun one! Well, not for Dodger fans, but even the Dodger announcers seemed to be enjoying the chaos. I'll enjoy seeing how it plays out in Houston -- how the Dodgers, all but ordained as the next World Champs already in many quarters, do with splitting at home.

Oh, and this was a total pointfest as well, which is always fun. 

Altuve 4
Bregman 3
Correa 6
Springer 7

Verlander 3

Puig 4
Seager 4

Hill 4


Once again, the change to the money is in third place, as it's probably going to go from here on out unless Darvish walks the ballpark in his next outing. Until then:

145 Yuhan 
129 Bauer
121 Shotwell 2

Not a ton of daylight between Shotwell 2 and

118 Currie
117 Cooley

Everyone else after the jump!