Wednesday, October 18, 2017

LAD 6, CHC 1

Strange pool result for such an authoritative win, with only Puig notching points on the hitter side. 

Puig 2

Darvish 6

Bryant 2
Rizzo 1

And we have a new leader!

85 Yuhan 2
84 Shotwell 2
79 Bauer Noobs

72 Zombie Stempel, still gnawing on a femur
71 Williams, Shotwell 1, and Currie 1

68 Cooley

That's the best; see the rest after the jump.

NYY 6, HOU 4

Sanchez is finally off the schneid; good news for the Bombers, bad news for the 'Stros, who may not have the breadth of pitching required for this particular match-up. But it's back to level in the ALCS. Points!

Judge 6

Chapman 2

Yep, that's right. Sonny Gray put a lid on the pool big-time.

The money remains unchanged from the previous update, but look out for Reid Classic and Drake 2...and full standings, in the next entry.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

NYY 8, HOU 1

Judge breaks out with a vengeance -- much to the RF wall's dismay, heh -- but will it move the needle much in the pool?

Not s'much:

Bregman 1
Correa 1
Springer 1

Morton 1

Judge 4

CC and the Yankee bullpen's ability to confine Altuve kept things from getting out of hand. At the moment, here's the money:

84 Shotwell 2
79 Yuhan 2
73 Bauer Newbies

But Yuhan and Bauer have Darvish, the only starter pick in play tonight. Rest of the standings after the jump!

Monday, October 16, 2017

LAD 4, CHC 1

First, let me note the heroic pun work being done by the homepage crew. "LA-'88 Show"? It's so bad it's good. 

Lester was not bad, but the points totals were not good for Cubs pickers, since he's the only one who got a TB...and it still didn't offset the 5 BB.

Turner was great; I'm always happy to see him do well. I knew he'd kick ass if he got a chance with some other team. If he'd stayed with the Mets he'd be...dead, probably.

The points:

Bellinger 3
Turner 5 (and pool vets may remember/be annoyed by how walk-offs used to get a bonus)

Hill 7

Lester -2 (2K - 5BB + 1TB)

Money's shifted slightly:

83 Shotwell 2
78 Yuhan 2
72 Bauer Noobs, Zombie Stempel

71 Williams, Shotwell 1

68 Cooley, Currie 1
61 Zombunting

mid- to high 50s: Brady, Tormey, Drake 1, Winklepleck
low 50s: Bingham 1, MArbour 2, the Reid slates, Ansell

40s: Powell, Camerons 1, Bingham 2

high 30s: Drake 2, Simone, Camerons 2, JArbour, Elodie
low 30s: Dunn, Bunting 2, MArbour 1, Currie 2

Attendance Award: Bauer Rematch

We're back underway at 8 PM with Astros at Yankees, Morton v. Sabathia. Nobody picked the latter, understandably, but he's a steadying guy to have going when you're down 2-0. Of course, these pronouncements on my part have led to the exact opposite occurring, so sorry in advance, Carsten, and I'll just keep quiet about Currie 1's slate making its big move.  

Sunday, October 15, 2017

LAD 5, CHC 2

Anyone else theorize that Maddon got himself thrown out to give a very tired team an extra shot of adrenaline? Just wondering. And if that was the reason, it fell a bit short, although I also suspect Maddon had no expectations of winning Game 1 in the first place.

Who won points-wise? Not the big movement you'd tend to assume with a Kershaw start since Roberts pulled him early; it's Puig pickers who made out:

Gryan 1

Bellinger 1
Puig 6
Turner 1

Kershaw 3

Don't mess with the Yuhan, the only full slate left:

83 Shotwell 2
75 Yuhan 2
72 Zombie Stempel

Rest of the slate, after the jump.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

HOU 2, NYY 1

Do not adjust your set: same score as last night, but with a rooooof twist for the Yanks, as Sanchez is going to get clocked for the next two days for not holding onto that ball, fairly or not. 

Not great news for Yanks pickers, either, as Judge posts nothing but whiffs, again, and Severino goes negative:

Severino -2
Chapman 1

Altuve 2
Correa 6

Verlander 15 (13K - 1BB + 3 for the CG)

And you'll simply never guess who had all three of the big points-getters. Hee. The money before the night game:

Shotwell 2 83
Stempel 72
Yuhan 2 71

Currie 1 not far behind at 68, but look out for

Bauer Noobs 65
Shotwell 1 64
Williams 62 
and Cooley 59

who are all sporting Kershaw plus some Dodger hitters. The former is perhaps likelier to make a difference than the latter after a few days off (and nobody who picked Seager is going to make any progress in the LCS; his back has him off the roster), but I guessed Lackey as the Cubs starter and Maddon went with Jose Q, and order has been restored to the universe with my second slate once again in dead last, so what do I know, is the point.

Actually, I know this: we always see some big swings in the early LCS going, so buckle up, and good luck!

HOU 2, NYY 1

"To zombie slates!" - Stempel and I with cocktails last night

I'm not actually put out by losing most of my picks; it lets me enjoy the drama without conflict. Speaking of which, here comes Ansell, unopposed, with the lone Keuchel pick...

Your points:

Judge 1

Altuve 3
Bregman 1
Correa 1

Keuchel 9

That puts the money as:

62 Shotwell 1
60 Shotwell 2 and Williams
57 Bauer Newbies

55 Stempel and Bunting 1, aka "Braaaaaaaains"
51 Currie 1
50 Winklepleck

49 Yuhan 2, the only remaining complete slate

middle 40s: Tormey, Ansell all of a sudden, Reid Classic

low 40s: Bingham 1, Cooley, Camerons 1, Brady

highish 30s: MArbour 2, Drake 1, Elodie

mid- to low 30s: Drake 2, Dunn, Camerons 2, Reid DS, Simone, Powell

20s: everyone else except MArbour 1


It's fixing to get point-tastic today at 4 ET as NYY/HOU go again, Severino v. Verlander. The night game is TBD v. Kershaw at 8 ET; unsurprising that Maddon hasn't called a starter, since he threw everyone and a kitchen sink at Game 5, but if I had to guess right now, I'd say it's Lackey.

Good luck, everyone!