Monday, October 31, 2016

CHC 3, CLE 2

I imagine some of the folks at the top of our standings are torn: root for the Cubs, or root against Arrieta getting another shot at racking up points?

I don't have these problems, since Drone Boy's performance last night still won't have dragged me out of last place, but as a human being I'm glad the Cubs didn't get routed at home.


Baez -2
Bryant 5
Rizzo 2
Russell 1
Zobrist 0

Lester 9 (left two on)


Napoli 1
Santana 1

Bauer 11

Standings after the jump!

For much to change, the series probably has to go the full 7 and Ben Zobrist and Anthony Rizzo have to absolutely murder Cleveland pitching; some of that could happen, but all of it probably won't. In any case, 'til Tuesday:

182 Simone
174 Williams
160 Arbour

154.34 Shee/Bell

143 Bingham 2

130s Stempel, Johnson 1, Reid Love, the Yuhans

120s MacEachern, Drake

110s Cameron

100s Bauer 1

80s Ekard, Shotwell

70s Bauer 2

60s Bunting 2

Yuhan 2 and myself will not appear in future updates; he has no picks left and we've seen the last of Drone Boy, I reckon.

Next stop: Cleveland, Arrieta vs. Tomlin at 8 ET on Tuesday. See you then! And if you've got nothing else to watch tonight, you could clap an eye on my math just in case-ies.


Michael Arbour said...

Hi Sarah, why did Lester get 9 points in this game? looks like he got 6 IP and 5 K and 0 BB so that should be 11 points, no? You mentioned "(left two on)", are you deducting batter's points from Lester for leaving two runners on base as a hitter?

Sarah D. Bunting said...