Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BOS 6, STL 1; Red Sox World Champs

Congrats Red Sox, Red Sox fans, and Johnson 2! That last game kind of limped home, both on the field and in the pool, but that's how it goes sometimes. I'm looking forward to reading the Monday-morning quarterbacking for the rest of the week.

And to passing out some cash.


Ellsbury 3
Napoli 1
Victorino 3
Beltran 1
Carpenter 4
Molina 1

Lynn -1

And the winners:
Johnson 2 236.34
Ramos 224
Birthworthy 221.73

With 19 entries this year, that's $133, $38, and $19 respectively. Congratulations, friends!

The rest of the field and the "awards," after the jump.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BOS 3, STL 1

It's easy to say it's over for the Redbirds with the series going back to Fenway...and that's probably the case. But I've learned not to count that team out, and with a day off and a split behind them on the front end, I certainly don't think Wednesday's the end of it.

I think it's Boston's to lose, though.

Ellsbury 1
Ortiz 4
Pedroia 2
Beltran 1
Holliday 4

Lester 14.67
Wainwright 16

We've likely seen the last of the difference-makers on the pitching side, so if you're not in the 200s now, that's probably that. At the moment, the money is:

Johnson 2: 231.34
Ramos 221
Birthworthy 217.33

Followed by:

Cameron 1 213.67
Bingham 1 206.33

Dunn 198.67

Shotwell 180.67

Quinn 176

Sheebell 132.33

But you never know...see you back here Wednesday!

Monday, October 28, 2013

BOS 4, STL 2

The series is evened up at two apiece. Kind of a strange one so far, no? Weird things proving decisive.

Weird picks proving decisive too, for some folks. Your points:

Ortiz 4
Pedroia 1
Beltran 1
Carpenter 2
Holliday 2

Buchholz 3
Lynn 7.67

As Johnson 1 prepares to fall out of the discussion, here's the money:
Birthworthy 197.33
Johnson 2 195.67
Johnson 1 and Bingham 1 190.33

The real story is Ramos, the big point-getter last night, and his inevitable march to the money. (Honorable mention to the stream of disgusted Victorino-related texts from one M. Dunn. I hear ya, buddy. I stopped muttering "Kris effin' Medlen" like yesterday?)

Ramos 186.33
Cameron 1 and Dunn 183

Quinn 176

Shotwell 158.67
Sheebell 132.33

Tonight's matchup, Lester v. Wainwright, seems set to launch Cameron and Ramos into the money for good...unless one or both of the aces runs out of gas, which as it's nearly Halloween is not impossible. Last licks in St. Looie; game starts at 7:30 ET.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

STL 5, BOS 4


On the one hand, nail-biting baseball is the best, especially in the WS. On the other hand, you'd like not to see the umpires quite so involved in decisive plays of that sort.

Another semi-quiet night points-wise, with none of the pitcher picks getting into the action, and speaking of that, though Dunn proposed by text that the Classic's anti-Shane Victorino award go to...Shane Victorino, I'd have to hang it on one Craig Breslow at this point. Don't help, bro.


Ellsbury 2
Ortiz 1
Adams 3
Carpenter 2
Holliday 3
Molina 3

Money and standings after the jump!

Friday, October 25, 2013

STL 4, BOS 2

Glad to see the Cards evened up the series, but already at the end of my rope with McCarver. "His teammates call him Salty." This is the level of discourse.


Ellsbury 1
Ortiz 5
Pedroia 2
Adams 1
Beltran 2
Holliday 3
Molina 1

Not much movement, though:
Bingham 1 and Johnson 1 190.33
Birthworthy 188.33
Johnson 2 182.67

Dunn 181

Cameron 1 179
Tormey 173.33
Quinn 173

Ramos 166.66

Shotwell 154.67

Sheebell 127.33

Thursday, October 24, 2013

BOS 8, STL 1

Not...really the start I hoped for. Birthworthy and I were watching in a restaurant and agreeing with our waiter that, more than any particular outcome, we just want the World Series to go seven games -- and Game 1 didn't make that look likely. I know it was cold out there, but dang, Kozma.

Anyway: points!

Napoli 2
Ortiz 5
Pedroia 2
Carpenter 1
Holliday 5
Molina 1

Lester 14.67
Wainwright 8

The money!
Bingham 1 and Johnson 1 190.33
Birthworthy 183.33
Dunn 180

Cameron 1 179
Johnson 2 175.67
Quinn 173

Ramos 160.66

Shotwell 149.67
Sheebell 126.33

Tonight is a hitters'-only affair, as nobody as the starters, Wacha and Lackey. As always, check my math, and good luck!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

ALCS Awards

Most Valuable Pick: Scherzer, with Napoli on the hitting side.

LVP: Ortiz had as few TB as Fielder, but managed not to founder on the third-base line while getting picked off.

Shane Victorino Award: I don't think anyone that really killed it wasn't picked. You could make an argument for Uehara but I'm not sure he'd pull great numbers within our parameters.

BOS 5, DET 2; Sox to Series



...Hee! So, Victorino went loudly and gloriously yard and ended Detroit's run in 2013, and quite possibly our leader's time at the top, as Johnson One's entire slate poofed last night...but Johnson TWO still has all his picks. And so does Ramos. DUN DUN DUN!

First, points:

Ellsbury 1
Pedroia 1
Victorino 4
Cabrera 1
Hunter 1
Jackson 2
Martinez 1

Buchholz 7
Scherzer 9.33

And that leaves the money thusly:
Johnson 1 190.33 (0)
Bingham 1 182.33 (1)
Quinn 173 (2)

That's the number of picks remaining in parentheses there. More standings and what's next, after the jump.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

NLCS Awards

I forgot to do our most and least valuable picks for LAD/STL. Who did the most and least for us?

MVP: Greinke, with Gonzalez showing well on the hitter side. (I'm working on a formula that lets hitters' work count more for next year. Suggestions welcome.)

LVP: Shelby Miller. Did he fall down a well?

Shane Victorino Award: Several candidates for this, including Wacha and AJ Ellis.

Chicago Cubs Memorial Happy Trails Medal for Pick Decimation: C. Edward Kershaw

STL 9, LAD 0; Cards move on to Series

With respect for the Cardinals and congrats to their fans, that was hideously painful, and not just because of how many people watched Kershaw and Greinke receding inevitably into the rearview. Wacha is a great young pitcher but you still hate to see that shit. (Especially, let's face it, since nobody picked the kid.)

Adams 3
Beltran 4
Carpenter 2
Molina 2

Kershaw 7

And that it's it for:

The money:
Johnson 1 181
Bingham 1 172
Dunn 160.33

Other standings and some housekeeping after the jump.

Friday, October 18, 2013

BOS 4, DET 3

If Cabrera is healthy, this series looks different...but, in my opinion, not a whole lot different. That Detroit fell short in their comeback last night is indicative.

But the pool, she is another story. Points!

Ellsbury 1
Napoli 7
Ortiz 1
Pedroia 2
Cabrera 1
Fielder 1
Hunter 1
Jackson 2
Martinez 1

Lester 5.33
Sanchez 11

And the money looks a bit different today:
Johnson 1 174
Bingham 1 165
Dunn 153.33

The rest of the field, after the jump.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

DET 7, BOS 3

The Tigers even up the series, and a bunch of hitter points get dropped on us, but with no starters in play in the night game, not much changed for poolies.


Ellsbury 7
Napoli 3
Pedroia 1
Victorino 2
Cabrera 2
Hunter 2
Jackson 2
Martinez 2

The money:
Johnson 1 173

Bingham 1 164
Birthworthy 150

The hopefuls:
Reid 148
Dunn 147
Quinn 143.67
Cameron 1 139

120s: Green, Johnson 2, Ramos, Shotwell, Tormey

110s: Cameron 2

100s: Bingham 2, Sheebell

under 100: the Buntings, Rogers, Stempardson

Lester v. Sanchez in ALCS Game 5, tonight at 8!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

LAD 6, STL 4

The former Brooklyn Robins stay alive; points for some, tiny American flags for others.

Gonzalez 9
Puig 1
Greinke 1
Adams 2
Beltran 3
Carpenter 2
Holliday 5

and Greinke 10

The money after the twilight game:
Johnson 1 173
Bingham 1 162
Birthworthy 150

Reid waiting in the tall grass at 146, followed by Quinn, Dunn, and Cameron 1 in the high 130s. Everyone else just treading water at this point.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

STL 4, LAD 2

The Dodgers missed a bunch of chances to come back; sad to say, I think they continue missing those chances in tomorrow's afternoon game, and St. Louis proceeds.

In the meantime, points:

Gonzalez 2
Puig 2
Carpenter 2
Holliday 5

Lynn 7.33

The bigger news is the way Johnson 1 is extending his lead. Standings after the jump.

BOS 1, DET 0

Dear hitters: DO SOMETHING.


Ellsbury 1
Napoli 4
Fielder 1
Hunter 2
Martinez 2

Verlander 17

Now the money is:
Johnson 1: 159
Bingham 1: 151
Birthworthy: 146

Reid and Quinn not far behind.

LAD 3, STL 0

HanRam's back in the lineup and collecting points in spite of a busted rib; Wainwright's back and...Wainwrighting, but the Redbirds had nothing to say to Ryu, and the Dodgers stop a sweep in progress.


Gonzalez 2
Puig 4
Ramirez 2
Adams 1
Molina 1

Wainwright 12

The money changes hands again:
Bingham 1: 151
Birthworthy: 146
Reid: 142

Just off the pace:
Johnson 1: 141
Quinn: 137.67

110s-120s: The Camerons, Dunn, Green, Johnson 2, Shotwell, and Tormey
90s-100s: Bingham 2, Ramos, and Sheebell
80s: Buntings
60s: Rogers and Stempardson

AL is back on today at 4 ET; stay tuned for updates!

Monday, October 14, 2013

BOS 6, DET 5

Well, I guess it's gratifying that I picked ONE thing right in this postseason, viz. Quinn stomping the yard last night. Points everywhere, and on top of that a plain fun game that had me saying aloud, "And this is why baseball is the shit."

Papi 4
Pedroia 3
Flyin' Hawaiian 1
Miggy 4
Fielder 2
Martinez 4

Buchholz 11.67
Scherzer 18

Bullpen Cop 0

So now the money looks like:
Bingham 1: 137
Quinn: 135.67
Johnson 1: 135

Not far behind:
Birthworthy: 134
Reid: 130

The rest of the field and today's probables, post-jump.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

DET 1, BOS 0

What a weird, nail-bitey game -- made all the more intense by Country Joe West's customary chaos-theory strike zone back there. WTF with that guy, seriously. No mas!

Anyhoodle: Boston hitters were tied up, with the exception of Nava, whom nobody picked...but the Lester and the Beantown pen had a nice game, too. Some points to go around for DET picks, but only one of them crossed the plate.

And then there's the two-thirds no-no. It's tempting to give Sanchez...I don't know, 6.67 of the 10 he'd get for a full no-hitter. But a full no-hitter is a full no-hitter; part of the reward is based on how hard it is to do. Also I'm one of the few people who has him and that's probably sketcho, right? So he's getting his standard pointage. But those 6 BBs are maddening.

Miggy 1
Prince 1
Toriiiiiiii 2
Jackson 1

Sanchez 12
Lester 9.33

NOW the money's cooking with gas:

Bingham 1 and Johnson 1: 115
Birthworthy and Dunn: 112
Reid: 108

Everyone else, after the jump.

STL 1, LAD 0

The first of the day's...what's the opposite of a slugfest? "Slugdirge"? When the only pick on a given team picking up a TB is the pitcher thanks to 1) excellent stuff from the opponent and 2) a key hitter pick held out of the game with an injury, it's...interesting.

Nice of Carpenter to show up finally, though.

Kershaw 1
Carpenter 3

Kershaw 10

Small change to the money as Reid joins the leaders:

114 Bingham I and Johnson I
112 Birthworthy
107 Reid

With the other Irishmen, Dunn and Quinn, not far off the pace.

Down 2-0 going back to the Ravine, L.A.'s chances do not look good to me. These have been close road games, it's true, but I'm standing by my prediction that, if the Dodgers didn't hamstring St. Louis with a quickness, they wouldn't make it out.

ALCS scores momentarily.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

STL 3, LAD 2 (13)

Because I am older than the nearest hill, I fell asleep at like 10:30 last night. Rolled over with the TV on around 1, saw the game was still happening, assumed I was dreaming, and shut the TV off.

I was not dreaming. Neither were the other Greinke pickers. To the points-mobile, let's go!

A-Gon 1
C. Belts 3
Carpenter 1
Molina 2

Greinke 17
Lynn 2

No real change to the leaders:

Johnson 1 103
Bingham 1 102
Birthworthy 97

After the jump, Dunn's in the hunt...

Friday, October 11, 2013

DET 3, OAK 0; Tigers move on to ALCS

I had no idea how this one would go; I think it went how it was supposed to. Insert bromide here about pitching in a short series, and Melvin has nothing to apologize for in that regard.

But Oakland's out and hope is pretty much dead for this picker as a result.

Last night's points:

Cabrera 4
Fielder 1
Hunter 1
Martinez 3
Lowrie 2

Verlander 17
Balfour 3

Most Valuable Pick: JV. It's not close. He was a near-universal choice last year; I wasn't surprised by his decreased popularity in 2013, but it's seeming like a real shame now.
LVP: A few candidates for this one; I'd say Austin Jackson is the most surprising underachiever here.
Shane Victorino Award: Jhonny Peralta. Had something to prove; proved it.

Money and predix after the jump.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

STL 6, PIT 1; Cards move on to NLCS

It's the best outcome for the pool, but still too bad for the Pirates, as their first winning season since the '90s comes to an end. I can't say I didn't see it coming, though; without the break, and/or staying in Pittsburgh, I think the Pirates had a chance, but back in St. Louis, no. (And they probably would have gotten wood-chipped by the Dodgers anyway.)

So the Pirate picks take their leave of us with a whimper:

Alvarez 1
Adams 5
Holliday 2
Molina 1
Wainwright 16 (that includes 3 for the CG)

MVP: Wainwright, with Alvarez the clear leader on the hitting side.
LVP: Live by the Burnett, die by the Burnett.
Shane Victorino Award: Nobody really strikes me. Marte, I guess?

Standings after the jump.

BOS 3, TB 1; Bosox move on to ALCS

I like Tampa, I like Joe Maddon, and I wanted Wil Myers to put up MORE THAN ONE BASE, but with that said, it's better for the pool this way, and Boston is just the better, stronger team. The Rays kind of beat themselves last night...but it's not like the Sox wouldn't have found a way to beat them anyway.


Ellsbury 1
Ortiz 1
Pedroia 1
Victorino 1
Myers 1

No pitching points.

Most Valuable Pick of this ALDS: Papi
LVP: Myers, on both sides (sorry, kid)
Memorial Shane Victorino Why Didn't We Pick That Guy Award: Victorino himself held the line with 6 points, and nobody else sticks out as a glaring "every TIME, that guy." Zobrist, maybe.

Standings and sked, after the jump.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DET 8, OAK 6

Detroit forces a Game 5, and we have a new leader! And nobody picked Jhonny Peralta! Boo!


Miggy 1
Fielder 1
Jackson 1
Martinez 6
Donaldson 1
Lowrie 5

Scherzer 2 (...?)

And now, ze money:

Quinn: 86
Johnson 1: 84
Bingham 1 and Birthworthy: 79

With Cameron 2, Dunn, Reid, and Sheebell not far off the pace.

No score in the 4th in the nightcap. Stand by!

TB 5, BOS 4

Tampa keeps a nostril above water (no thanks to Wil Goddamn Myers, whom Sarah Goddamn Bunting deeply regrets picking). Boston looked a little unfocused/overconfident on the field yesterday, but intangibles are bullshit etc.


Ellsbury 4
Napoli 1
Ortiz 1
Victorino 1
Longoria 4

Buchholz 8

First, the money is sporting a new look:

Johnson 1: 81
Quinn: 78
Birthworthy: 77

The madding crowd, plus ATL/LAD MVPs and more, after the jump:.

LAD 4, ATL 3; Dodgers to NLCS

And here's where we start to see who's for real, as Atlanta is dusted (after the Braves' pitching picks sucked up the joint) and Kershaw jumps his pickers further out in front. Congrats to the Dodgers, and here are some points:

Freeman 1
Gonzalez 1
Puig 3
Ramirez 1

Kershaw 11

That puts the money at
Johnson 1 81
Birthworthy 76
Cameron 2 75.33

Stand by for the full standings after I update with the BOS/TB game! (Sorry to go out of order; busy morning here at BPP HQ.)

Monday, October 7, 2013

STL 2, PIT 1

The Cards stay alive and take it to a fifth game. The points keep it simple:

Holliday 5
Alvarez 4

And the money's the same:
66: Johnson 1
64: Birthworthy
62.33: Cameron 2

High 50s: Bingham 1, Quinn, Reid, and Sheebell

Mid-50s: Dunn, Shotwell, and Tormey

Low 50s: Green and Ramos

40s: Bingham 2, Bunting 1, Cameron 1, Johnson 2

30s: Bunting 2, Rogers, and Stempardson

BOS/TB underway right now and it's already looking NOT GREAT, COBB, but we'll see. Buchholz on the mound for Beantown could mean some shuffling of the standings.

OAK 6, DET 3

I didn't get to see much of this one; looks like Sanchez got roughed up, which probably puts me out of it. Sigh. The Athletics take the lead in the series, on the following points:

Miggy 1
Fielder 2
Hunter 1
Martinez 2
Donaldson 1
Moss 4

Sanchez 8.33
Balfour 1

The money's changed up (so to speak) again, to wit:
Johnson 1: 66
Birthworthy: 64
Cameron 2: 63.33

About to update with STL/PIT, and I'll post fuller standings then.

LAD 13, ATL 6

...Dang. You know, I thought we'd find even more points in the rubble after the Dodgers kicked every inch of Teheran's ass, but there were plenty as it was, even for Atlanta hitters:

Freeman 2
Gattis 3
Heyward 4
A-Gon 2
Puig 3
HanRam 6

Teheran, surprisingly: 6.67

And the fight for the finskies is ON:
Birthworthy AND Johnson 1: 64
Bingham 1: 58
Quinn!: 55

But nobody's too far off the pace. ( Full standings, jump, etc.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

PIT 5, STL 3

Hmm. I didn't pick the Pirates to win this LDS, but I won't be unhappy if I'm proven wrong. Solid performance from the 'burghers, with the following points:

Alvarez 1
Cutch 3
Adams 1
Beltran 5
Molina 1

No change to the money; it's still

Birthworthy 62
Johnson 1 59
Bingham 1 56

A big cluster in the low 50s: Dunn, Green, Ramos, Reid, Sheebell, and Tormey

In the high 40s: The Camerons, Johnson 2, and Quinn

Low 40s: Shotwell

30s: Bingham 2, Bunting 2, Rogers, and Stempardson

turned toward the sun and watered occasionally: Bunting 1

They're about to get started in the City of Angels. See you back here after the nightcap, at which time we may be handing Shotwell our lunch.

OAK 1, DET 0

That was great. It's said that chicks dig the long ball, and I do enjoy a bomb, but a zero-off is just as fun. I hope Sonny Gray had an extra Ovaltine when he got home. (Seriously: that mustache is fake, right? Kid is 13?)

Also great: Johnson procrastinating on something else and improving on my spreadsheet, so I am hoping this means fewer errors. (Spoiler: it won't. Hey, he tried.)

Thin on the ground except in the Republic of Verland, but: points!

Cabrera 1
Donaldson 1

Verlander 17
Balfour 1

And your standings, after the jump.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

BOS 7, TB 4 and errata

Thanks to Johnson for catching some errors on my part -- I apologize! Lester's 14.67 from yesterday is actually 11.67 (I forgot to subtract the BB), and Torii Hunter's point, which I neglected to add, is on the board. I'm trying a new spreadsheet system this season, and it's supposed to make my life easier, not...dumber. Anyway, thanks again for checking my work and I'm very sorry for any and all errors. I blame the 246 games yesterday.

Today's game so far was a boon for Ortiz pickers, and while the Price was not quite right (...sorry) (not sorry at all!), he managed to hang in there long enough to move his adherents up a bit.

Points (...hopefully):

Ellsbury 4
Longoria 1
Ortiz 8
Pedroia 2
Victorino 1

Price 10

The money:
Birthworthy 62

Bingham 1 55
Dunn 52.67

50s: Reid, Sheebell, and Ramos
40s: Cameron 2, Green, Johnsons Twain, Quinn, Shotwell, and Tormey
30s: Bingham 2, Bunting 2, Cameron 1, Rogers, and Stempardson
dead last, as God intended: Bunting 1

DET/OAK scores tomorrow.

ATL 4, LAD 3; DET 3, OAK 2

The AL nightcap threatened to turn into another blowout, but the big fella settled down and got his pickers some points. Not as many as Scherzer, though.

First, the twilight game, which was some exciting baseball:

Freeman 2
Gattis 1
AGon 1
JHey 1
Puig 1
HanRam 8 (!)

Greinks 9

That left the leaderboard looking like Dunn, Ramos, and Shotwell, but the nightcap put everyone on the board thanks to:

Miggy 1
Fielder 1
Jackson 2
Martinez 3
Moss 1

Colon 10
Scherzer 16

First true standings after el jumpo.

Friday, October 4, 2013

BOS 12, TB 2

When I left the house, it was "only" 5-2, but watching that happen was bad enough; God knows what went on while I was at the movies. I like the Rays. I like Maddon and his nerd specs. But I think the Batwings are getting swept out with a quickness.


Ellsbury 2
Napoli 2
Ortiz 2
Pedroia 2
Victorino 3

Lester 14.67

And TB pickers get bubkes from their hitters.

The money:
Ramos: 45
Dunn: 40.67
Johnson 2: 39.67

Shotwell, Bingham 1, and Birthworthy not far off the pace.

LAD/ATL nailbiter finishing up as I write this; stay tuned!

PIT 7, STL 1

The Bucs strike back, but plenty of points for STL pickers as well in the lunchtime game, to wit:

Adams 3
Alvarez 6
Beltran 2
McCutchen 1
Molina 4

Lynn 7.33

Rays at Bosox currently in progress, by which I mean a Tampa meltdown; I'll update again after the twilight game.

Until then, the money:

37: Bingham 1
36: Green and Shotwell
34: Birthworthy

Reid and Sheebell just off the pace at 33.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

LAD 6, ATL 1

Not quite as pointy as the happy-hour game, but almost everyone's on the board as the Dodgers deliver what Cal Ripken called a "businesslike" trouncing of the Braves.

Ze points:

Freeman 1
Gattis 1
Gonzalez 5
Heyward 1
Puig 2
HanRam 2

Medlen 7
Kershaw 16

Somewhere around the 3rd inning of the nightcap, I started wondering how I'd have done with an all-uniform-22 slate. Kershaw; Cutch; Heyward...not sure who wears double deuce in the AL, but I'm tempted to enter a ghost slate just to see how it does.

Early standings, after the jump.

STL 9, PIT 1

Oooooo-fah. This is, I believe, our first negative points posting, compliments of Allan James's 2 innings, 4 walks, and zero zipparoonie strikeouts.

Points galore for St. Louie pickers, though:

Adams 1
Alvarez 4
Beltran 4
Carpenter 1
Holliday 3
McCutchen 2
Molina 3

Burnett -2
Wainwright 16

The money:

Johnson 2 out to an early lead with 21; Shotwell and Green with 19 each; Ramos with 18; a hugger-mugger of 17s, and also a hugger-mugger of zeroes, but with two more starters going to the hill as I type this, the only other pointage of note is Stempel Richardson (Cutch giveth; AJ taketh away).

Heeeere we go!

NLDS #1 starts in about 20 minutes, and all the picks are in. Behold:

I hope this is even visible! In case you don't have a monocle on you, a few notes:

- I don't believe we have any duplicates. Some hitter slates the same, some pitcher slates the same, but I don't see any dupes. 

- We have to rename The Memorial Shane Victorino Award; there's always some guy that KILLS IT that nobody picks, and usually that guy is Victorino, but a couple people picked him this time.

- Ortiz and Carpenter lead the hitter picks, with Kershaw topping the pitcher picks (Scherzer and Wainwright also well represented). 

- Pedro Martinez's J-curl on TBS right now is the goddamn JAM, y'all, go check it out.

...Welcome back to the BPP, everybody. Let's do this. First pitch at 5:07 for PIT/STL, with LAD/ATL at 8:37. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2: What We Know So Far

Hey kids, and welcome back to the BPP! It's the moooooost wonderful tiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeear! to lose $20. Sigh.

Here's a list of teams we know have LDS berths so far:



And now we're waiting on TB and CLE. Noon ET tomorrow is the deadline for picks, but you're welcome to pick from these now.

PLEASE NOTE also that I'm not tracking who's active and who's not on rosters. If you pick a player and find out after LDS play is underway that he's on the DL/inactive, that's...going to suck, so make sure your boys are all active (and not fourth starters) (...she says in the weary voice of stupid experience).