Sunday, November 6, 2016

We have a winner! ...A...different one!

From the This Is Why I Ask You To Check My Math files...I cross-checked the numbers for the top four finishers with the cumulative-postseason totals on, and something didn't look right. Like, a "we had a different winner entirely" kind of "didn't look right." So I checked it again, combing through every relevant box score to tote up the left-on-base numbers, and swearing very colorfully at myself for not setting up an automated spreadsheet ahead of time like I promise myself I will do every year, then forget about doing until September 30.

I don't know where the arithmetic initially got biffed, and I apologize for not catching it sooner...but the money is in fact

Shee/Bell 227.33
Arbour 206.33
Simone 197

and Williams at 189.

I ran this set twice to make sure and am reasonably confident this is correct and final BUT I am going to hold payouts for a day, to make sure nobody is seeing different results on their end. Again, so sorry about this, but I'd rather get it right late than not at all.

Questions/alternate totals, feel free to comment or email me -- and belated congrats to our winner, the Sheehan/Bell household! [bustles off to set up Excel automation]

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