Thursday, November 3, 2016

CHC 8, CLE 7 (10); Cubs are World Champions

What a crazy game. And now the season's over; gross.

Points below. Just a reminder as/if you're looking over the totals for the pool that, when pitchers bat, they are eligible for hitter points -- and liable for LOB deductions as well. I may have forgotten to make that explicit.

Not relevant to last night's contest; just thought I'd mention it.

Baez 2
Bryant 0
Rizzo 2
Russell 1
Zobrist 0

Hendricks 5.67
Lester 6


Bauer 1.67
Kluber 4

Napoli -3
Santana 2


Hendricks and a last-game surge put a first-time player as the BPP champion; congrats, Arbour!

Arbour 203.34
Simone 201
Williams 193

Shee/Bell 190.01

160s Johnson 1, Yuhan 1

150s Bingham 2, Reid Love

140s Stempel, Cameron 1

130s MacEachern, Drake, Bauer 1

90s Ekard, Bauer 2

80s Shotwell

Which I guess leaves Simone as the Cleveland of this outfit this year. Sorry, kid. Nice little haul for you, though, still. Thirty-two slates at $10/pop = $224 for the leader, $64 for second, $32 for third. 

I will leave these here for the day and wait for the arithmetic errors to be pointed out (heh/sigh) but I don't expect much to change in terms of the final rankings. I'll do another cross-check in the evening, and send out everyone's winnings tomorrow. Any questions or errata, emailing me is faster: bunting at tomatonation dot com.

Watch this space and thanks again to everyone for playing!


Nancy W. said...

Thanks so much for running this, Sarah, it's a lot of fun. And congrats to Arbour for betting it all on (what I imagine to be) their Cubbies! My husband is a Cubs fan, and they're my NL team, so you bet we walked down to the Field last night and hung with the crowd for a bit. SO MUCH FUN!

Paul Quinn said...

Arbour is my buddy Mikey, and he called the Cubs months ago! I mentioned this pool to him in (drunken) passing, so congrats on winning it, pal. And thanks, Sars, it was so much fun.

Jill S. said...

Simone gurgled to me (she is 13 months old) this is ending was SOME KIND OF BULLSH*T!!!! And who the hell does Arbour think he is anyway and then she realize that she still won 60 bucks and to a 1 year old that is a lot of money so now she is back to chewing on her toys because her teeth are coming in. Now, her Dad Ben, who made her picks for her, is spending the day in bed with a bad cold and also... heartbreak. Booooo.....

Ellen said...

Thanks again for running this Sarah! Looking forward to next year!

Steve said...

Thanks, Sars! And congrats to the winners!