Thursday, November 5, 2009

NYY 7, PHI 3: The-e-e-e-e-e Yankees win!

A 27th World Championship for the Bombers; a last-minute Pettitte-fueled grab of the big money by Ben.  Probably the first time a pool has come down to the wire that way, too. 

A good year for the pool, overall -- thanks primarily, in my opinion, to the absence of the Cubs and their tendency to fubar everyone's better sabremetric judgment.  I welcome your LVP nominations in the comments (...Markinson Texno).  The point system could use a few more tweaks, too, so send me your suggestions if you'd like.  You've got eleven months to mull it over.

And now, your points:

NYY: 18

Jeter, D: 4
Rodriguez, A: 1
Teixeira, M: 1

Howard, R: 4

Pettitte, A: 8.67


And the final standings:

Ben: 298
Kim: 293.33
Maria 2: 260.34

Warren, jinxed out of the $$ by Sarah (sorry, friend): 246.34
Lauren: 240.34

Aaron: 239.33
Sarah: 237.66

Tim: 217.34
Stephen: 211.34

Matt: 192.34

Maria 1: 189.33


That's it for us this year, guys, but the comments stay open all year, and you can always email me with thoughts and questions.  Thanks again for playing; winnings will go out today.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PHI 8, NYY 6

...Oh, hi, Bad AJ.  "Thanks" a "lot."

Your points:

PHI: 3

Jeter, D: 1
Rodriguez, A: 4
Teixeira, M: 2

Rollins, J: 2
Utley, C: 8

Burnett, AJ: 4

Lee, C: 10


Kim: 267.33
Ben: 266.33
Maria 2: 241.34

Warren: 227.34
Aaron: 220.33

Sarah: 218.66
Lauren: 214.34

Tim: 198.34

Stephen: 189.34
Maria 1: 189.33
Matt: 188.34


Ben drew a hair closer to Kim; Maria 2 put some distance between herself and the rest of the third-place pretenders thanks to Chase Utley; and thanks to a short, shite performance by one Allan James Burnett, I can forget it this year.

Game 6 in New York on Wednesday; the Phillies plan to send Pedro to the mound again, and while I don't know how well that's going to work out for them, it' to be better than sending Burnett was last night.  Pettitte is the probable for New York; a strong performance that leads to a NYY series win is Ben's best shot at the big money.

Monday, November 2, 2009

NYY 7, PHI 4

A good outcome for Yankee fans that was still painful to watch.  I had Lidge in the pool last year and he did pretty well for me; I haven't enjoyed his decline this year, and last night's abrupt return to mean (with all credit to the Bomber hitters) was sad to see.

Points for almost everyone from various sources last night, and although the top two spots seem unassailable at this late date, the battle for third isn't over, as Maria 2's Utley pick once again allowed her to step over several other aspirants.

Your points:

NYY: 3

Jeter, D: 2
Rodriguez, A: 2

Howard, R: 1
Rollins, J: 1
Utley, C: 6

Sabathia, CC: 12.67


Kim: 263.33
Ben: 261.33
Maria 2: 228.34

Warren: 220.34

Aaron: 215.33
Lauren: 213.34

Sarah: 202.66

Tim: 194.34

Stephen: 188.34
Matt: 185.34

Maria 1: 172.33


Tonight's matchup is my last shot at finishing in the money, with both starters on the hill -- but they both have to go deep and strike guys out in double figures (won't happen, not for Burnett), AND Teixeira has to hit like 7 home runs (won't happen, dude's ice cold), AND the Yanks have to end the series because neither of them will go again since it's already Game 5 and I have zero shot without my starters (could happen; I think last night's results probably took a toll psychologically). 

And it would also really help me out if the Captain would quit hitting like Rogers Hornsby, but I'm not really complaining.  I'm just saying.

The only other question is whether Ben can wrest the top spot from Kim, which will probably require a Game 6 so that Pettitte can take another turn.  Like I said, it's a fight for third for the rest of us, and if any of you have side action on that, I'd advise you to bet Warren.  Then again, I bet Colorado, so clearly I don't know squat.

AJ vs. Cliff, 7:57 PM ET.  

Sunday, November 1, 2009

NYY 8, PHI 5

Another strong performance by Pettitte -- who helped himself at the plate, and tickled our funny bones on the basepaths (step on it, old-timer, before Jeets runs you over) -- lets Ben close the gap on Kim significantly.  And Aaron steps into the money!

Your points:

NYY: 3

Jeter, D: 1
Rodriguez, A: 4
(that camera: 1) (heh)

Rollins, J: 1

Pettitte, A: 13

Hamels, C: 7.33


Kim: 244.66
Ben: 241.66
Aaron: 209.66
Maria 2: 206.67
Warren: 202.67

Sarah: 199.66
Lauren: 195.67

Tim: 176.67
Matt: 171.67
Maria 1: 171.33
Stephen: 170.67


In a few short hours, Sabathia goes back to the mound against Joe Blanton.  Is tonight the night that Carsten Charles's short-rest schedule boomerangs on him?  Again, since almost everyone has him, it doesn't matter that much -- everyone's in for the same points.  I would like tonight to be the night that Mark Teixeira remembers how to hit a baseball, but I am not holding out much hope for that.

The game, annoyingly, is at 8:20.  Enjoy!