Monday, November 2, 2015

And that's a wrap

Another fun year, folks -- hope we'll see you all back next year for the 2016 postseason. Payouts have gone out; any problems or questions, let me know!


KC 7, NYM 2 (12); Royals are World Champions

Congratulations, Royals and Royals fans! For a fan of the game, this is the right outcome.

For a Mets fan, watching said outcome unfold in the most brutal and amateurish imaginable fashion is not an experience I hope to repeat...since, as a Mets fan, we have repeated some variation on this about 75 times a season for several years, and we kind of want to get beat instead of beating ourselves. And I think we would have gotten beat anyway. KC's a solid club. It's just a rough way to go out.

But a pennant doesn't suck. I'm proud of the Metsies...and mostly bummed that that's it for baseball until 2016.

And for the BPP. To the last points!

Cain 6
Gordon -3
Hosmer 2
Morales 0
Moustakas -2

Volquez 6

Cespedes -4
Conforto 1
Duda 1
Granderson 7
Murphy -2
Wright 1

Colon 0.67
Harvey 13 (8 IP - 2 BB + 9 K - 2 LOB)

Final standings/admin notes after the jump!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

KC 5, NYM 3

...Not much to say. The Mets get knocked back by mistakes like Murphy's; KC had a similar one with Rios but kept rolling. I think the Mets still have one foot in the vibe of giving up 2-3 runs and feeling like they couldn't come back, where they spent half the season. I don't know.

Tomorrow could still go a bunch of different ways, I suppose, but it's starting to feel like postponing the inevitable.


Cain 3
Gordon -1
Hosmer -1
Morales 1
Moose 1

Cespedes 1
Conforto 12 (!!)
Duda -2
Grando 2
Murphy 0
Wright 0

Colon 1.33

Standings after the jump!