Friday, September 30, 2011

DET 1, NYY 1 (ppd)

Okay, so: according to, Detroit-New York Game 1 resumes tomorrow night at the time previously reserved for Game 2 -- and tonight's starters, Verlander and Sabathia, will not return. Sooooo, obviously nobody gets game points, because nobody won, but pickers who had Verlander and/or Sabathia will take their innings/points, as follows:

Verlander: ooh, 0 (1 IP + 1 K - 2 BB)
Sabathia: 6

No TB points eligible.

Standings at the end of a weird Day 1:
Aaron 2, Sarah 2, John, Joe Reid 2, and Jill Love -- 10
Joe Costa 1 -- 8
Warren 1 -- 7
Keith, Warren 2, Tim 2, Dave -- 6
Aaron 1 -- 3
Sheehan/Bell -- 2

Tomorrow's slate, after the jump.

TB 9, TEX 0

...Hmm. All righty, then.

Well, despite spitting the bit, CJ Wilson picked up a few points for his backers; TB's momentum continues; and Warren looks like a genius.

After the evening show, your points:

TB: 5 (win + blowout)
Hamilton, J: 3
Longoria, E: 2
Wilson, CJ: 10 (5 IP + 6 K - 1 BB)

The Aarons, Sarah 2, Joe C., John, Joe R 2, Jill Amor, Warren 1, and Shee/Bell all on the board in roughly that order. DET/NYY in 10.

High hoooooopes: ALDS

The AL fun begins today at 5:07 PM in Tejas, where Tampa sends the rookie Moore to the mound against CJ Wilson. At 8:37 PM, Detroit tries to bring the pain to the Yankees in the Bronx -- Verlander v. Sabathia -- and most of the pool diving right in. All times eastern; all games on TBS; has a solid sked right here.

Tomorrow is a complete effing barrage of baseball -- or, as I like to call it, "Sarah prom" -- starting at 2:07 PM with D-backs/Brew Crew; Cards v. Doc Halladay at 5:07; Big Game James at 7:07 (that game is on TNT, and evidently there's a "Holland" of some sort?); and at 8:37, hee! Fister versus Nova in New York.

Looking for an overview/preview for the serieseseses? Hardball Talk is quite good.

Looking to tipple with your fellow poolies? Jill, Ben, and I welcome all, big and small, at Cody's -- Court and Dean Sts., beautiful Brooklyn NY. If you can't attend in person, we look forward to your smug/despairing texts and comments.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Picks

Voila -- les picks! I misspoke in my email; we did have duplicates last year, and we have a couple of dupe slates this year as well. We'll see whether that makes any difference, because it usually doesn't matter.

Most popular team pick: PHI, for the second year in a row. Miguel Cabrera is the most popular player pick, interestingly. (Even more interestingly: a couple of people finally wised up and picked the Flyin' Hawaiian, who usually ends up racking up total bases in the postseason while the pool stands by all "God-DAMMIT why didn't we pick that guy." Which...probably means he'll bust out this year. Heh.)

Doc Halladay and Cliff Lee tied for top pitcher pick. Hope you were sitting down for that one. Heh.

Full list of picks is below. Please email/comment on any mistakes you see, and watch this space for scheduling and updates. (And for a different, less microscopic font. Sorry! This is a problem every year.)

Also! Pool kickoff/beerfest at Cody's on Court St. in Brooklyn, tomorrow night. Come! Drink! Heckle!

Jeremy Broomfield
NYY PHI Granderson, C Teixeira, M Halladay, R Lee, C
Broomfield/Romine DET MIL Cabrera, M Braun, R Verlander, J Greinke, Z
Sarah Bunting 1 DET PHI Cabrera, M Pence, H Verlander, J Hamels, C
Sarah Bunting 2 TEX MIL Kinsler, I Braun, R Wilson, CJ Greinke, Z
Aaron Cameron 1 TEX PHI Hamilton, J Beltre, A Halladay, R Lee, C
Aaron Cameron 2 TEX MIL Kinsler, I Braun, R Wilson, CJ Gallardo, Y
Joe Costa 1 NYY PHI Granderson, C Longoria, E Sabathia, CC Lee, C
Joe Costa 2 NYY PHI Cano, R Fielder, P Verlander, J Lee, C 

BSD DET MIL Martinez, V Fielder, P Verlander, J Greinke, Z

Matt Green DET MIL Cabrera, M Braun, R Verlander, J Halladay, R
Keith Johnson NYY MIL Cano, R Braun, R Sabathia, CC Gallardo, Y
Tim O'Reilly 1 DET MIL Cabrera, M Fielder, P Verlander, J Greinke, Z
Tim O'Reilly 2 NYY PHI Swisher, N Pence, H Sabathia, CC Lee, C
Dave Pepper NYY MIL Cano, R Fielder, P Sabathia, CC Marcum, S
John Ramos TEX PHI Young, M Howard, R Wilson, CJ Lee, C
Joe Reid 1 DET MIL Cabrera, M Braun, R Verlander, J Halladay, R
Joe Reid 2 TEX PHI Granderson, C Pence, H Wilson, CJ Lee, C
Ben Richardson 1 NYY PHI Granderson, C Pence, H Halladay, R Lee, C
Ben Richardson 2 TEX ARI Kinsler, I Beltre, A Kennedy, I Gallardo, Y
Tom Rogers NYY PHI Cano, R Victorino, S Halladay, R Lee, C
Sheehan/Bell DET STL Longoria, E Pujols, A Verlander, J Carpenter, C
Lauren Shotwell NYY PHI Cano, R Pence, H Halladay, R Lee, C
Jill Stempel Love TEX MIL Cabrera, M Fielder, P Verlander, J Wilson, CJ
Jill Stempel Hate NYY PHI Teixeira, M Howard, R Nova, I Halladay, R
Warren Tormey 1 TB ARI Longoria, E Upton, J Price, D Kennedy, I
Warren Tormey 2 NYY PHI Granderson, C Utley, C Sabathia, CC Halladay, R
Maria Wonsetler 1 NYY PHI Cano, R Howard, R Halladay, R Lee, C
Maria Wonsetler 2 DET PHI Cabrera, M Victorino, S Verlander, J Halladay, R

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

...Just kidding!

Tampa wins (and Boston loses) the AL wild card in spectacular fashion. (Can you believe there are people who think baseball is boring?)

So it's


Proceed. Well, unless you just had 15 strokes like I did. I'll be over here, drinking gin in an effort to calm down...thins the blood, don'tcha know.


11:47 EDT on Day 162 of the 2011 season, folks. We still don't have ALDS locked down, but here's our NLDS match-ups:


We may not know who's playing whom in the AL for another day, but it looks like NYY v. DET is for sure, and TEX v. either TB or BOS. Feel free to turn picks in if you feel sure right now; if an extension is necessary, I'll let you know.